Tuesday, September 20, 2005

So I'm over that whole not-an-artist thing. I'm still in and out, I suppose, on whether or not I'm meant to create the type of art that will hang in a moma somewhere. But my urge to create things is something I doubt will ever go away, and I think that is what makes me an artist. Maybe it will be hanging macrame plant holders or scarves or dishes or drawings. And maybe those things will appeal to other people and make them want to give me money. But mostly, I like to create because it makes me happy, not only to make something beautiful, but to make something that is useful to me. When I am an adult with my own home, I would like to make as many of the things in my home as possible. Obviously shoes and dishwashers would be a bit difficult, but I'd like to make my own furniture and plates and wall art. And anything else that I can figure out how to make. I think that would be immensely satisfying.

I'm also totally in love with my other major, anthropology. It is so fantastic to be in a class and just LOVE it, and to know that you picked the right major. In my Peoples and Cultures of the Pacific Islands class, I think everyone might hate me. I probably seem like a teachers pet, because I always have my hand up and I'm always commenting in class. But I just can't help it! Anthro questions are these fabulous little puzzles and it's a lot of fun to try to think of creative answers to these puzzles. And I try not to answer sometimes, and everyone else has these pathetic responses that I can tell are completely wrong. But anyway, fuck them, because I love my major.

I'm a little confused at this whole "all skill/no creativity" thing. Cause... well, you have a lot of both. DO NOT ARGUE. Arguing is for pussies. And politicians. And while you may wish to be a pussy, I know you don't want to be associated with politicians. Or maybe you do. That's your beef.

I really loved your share about how it feels when you create. And I love the idea of creating everything in your home. So much so I posted a portion of it on my blog for readers who are big time Macrame lovers.


Thank you

Carolyne :)
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